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Fordico Metal Plastic Co., Ltd.

In order to provide each client the excellent products with quality, functionality, character, personality, craftsmanship, Mr Ken Deng always adhering to the "Attitude decides everything, details determine success or failure." Starting as a apprentice in the mold factory, Mr Ken Deng devoted all his energies to the job. During the 1990’s, Mr Ken Deng decided to build up his own business, to open a small workshop for mold machining in Shenzhen city. Due to the great performance and the excellent quality, Mr Ken Deng worked with more clients and earn enough for the start-up capital. In 2008, As a man of action, Mr Ken Deng opened one manufactory in Foshan City, named Fordico Metal Plastic Co., Ltd., covering an area of 10,000 square meters, and engage himself in foreign trade. With a professional team, Fordico owned hundreds of products, ranging from lantern, candle holders, bar tools, etc.

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