These metal wind lights are the real deal


New Year, new koi, and of course, new lighting design trends.
Last time, the butler summarized the popular elements and trends of lighting industry from the aspects of color, material, function, soft clothing, style, etc. Today, he will take you into the 2023 trend elements of blingbling but full of international advanced sense of metal style.
No matter how cold the material, will reflect the gentle light
Before mention the sense of metal, people are associated with most of the "cold", "hard", "dull" such words, even metal furniture is often installed into the industrial retro style, although it is heavy color, but give a person a cold sense of distance.
Is "metal" doomed to a lifetime of heavy industry?
In the past few years, whether it's clothing, beauty, or furniture, metallic colors have been all the rage, and in 2019, home design gurus will be even more interested in metallic elements.
And the metal single product of the foreign style - lighting, is worthy of the name of the small expert, remove the impression of the stereotypical collocation, there is a particularly ethereal and illusorial interpretation.
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